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The Loft: Happy Easter

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The Loft: Dylan — Urban Angel

From 2006…Dylan is my SD13 Volks Shiro Tachibana. I still have him and I’m the original owner for him. He’s a first release of this mold.

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Volks event – The Oath of the Silver Coin boat

Ahoy, Mateys! Volks announced on their japanese website the upcoming release of the pirate ship of Cecile and Reisner, the Black Shark, full 1/3 scale. Because of their many years of experience in making models and minatures, they are able … Continue reading

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Part II Photographer Spotlite: Milkeye

Continued… What’s your biggest strength & biggest weakness as a collector/ photographer/ etc? My biggest strength as a collector is knowing when to say ‘no’ to another doll; my biggest weakness as a collector is not knowing when to say … Continue reading

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Photographer Spotlite: Milkeye

Online Name: milkeye Real Name: Corinne Skinner How can people Contact you:

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Ami Ayase FDQ/Volks Exclusive!

Exclusive doll for FDQ readers… read on: Greetings! Happy New Year! You are the first to see the latest exclusive from Volks! She is the wonderful Ami Ayase SD16 girl. She is a LE doll that is sure to sell … Continue reading

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Volks SD Work Shop Autumn Rush Report 2009 Part II

More pictures from the event, including from the face up classes itself. Enjoy! Mikey explaining how to do face ups. Bailey translating for Mikey. That’s it for now!

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Volks SD Work Shop Autumn Rush Report 2009

Yes, I am fairly late, and this is more a photo recap than anything else, broken into two. However, I did want to do a brief detail about the Volks Autumn 2009 Event Rush that happened back on November 14th. … Continue reading

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Volks NYC Dolpa 2010 Dates

This is a little old news as it was announced at the Volks Los Angeles Event Rush 2009 a few weeks back, but there will be a 4th NYC Dolpa coming next year. Dolls Party in New York City 4, … Continue reading

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Volks FCS Special Campaign: Updated

Per Volks Blog: It’s December! We know that it can be one of the busiest months of the year, but don’t forget to participate in the FCS Owners Special Campaign! You need to reach Step 3 in the process by … Continue reading