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New Release: Zaoll – Pharaoh Luv – LE20

From Dollmore, Zaoll, Pharaoh Luv. The Pharaohs Luv of ancient Egypt. of death and rebirth.. Her beautiful beaded dress her look very gorgeous and distinguished On the other hand, she has a strong appearance in her tanned skin and still … Continue reading

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Zaoll: Dreaming Luv

Dollmore is now selling Zaoll Dreaming Luv. It is only available as a full doll, and only in normal skin!

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New Releases: Oceanmoon, Island Doll, Dollmore, Immortality of Soul

I’m going to lump these into one post, since I don’t have much info on each individual sculpt! Oceanmoon has a new 50cm girl, Bo-nee! Bo-nee is 50cm size, an unique height, which will fit her in between MSD and … Continue reading

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