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Collector Spotlite – Zagzagael Part II

Do any of your dolls or doll items have interesting RL stories behind them? My Limhwa skeleton!boy doll was 100% inspired by Rico Genest the Zombie Boy. This young man is the heavily tattooed zombie/skeleton cat from Canada. KittyToes and … Continue reading

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How to Photograph Dolls on Location

Equipment Needed: Camera Tripod Reflector or diffuser (depending on how harsh the sun is) Doll Stand Extra Batteries Extra Memory Card Weather and time of day is always a factor when shooting resin dolls.  With the Asian ball jointed dolls, … Continue reading

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Customizer Interview: Mendokusai

Before she accepted to become one of our contributing editors here at Doll-Lite, Mendokusai… or Hushed… Or Amanda… did this interview with me. I’m sharing it all with you. She will also have a full page like I have soon … Continue reading

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Collector Spotlite: Dollseye

Online Name: Dollseye Real Name: Jesse Lyons How can people Contact you: dollseye AT hotmail.co DOT uk Website: http://www.dollseye.com Flickr Account: dollseye (don’t use it any more though) Any other ways to get a hold of you or see your … Continue reading

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Owner Spotlite: Cirquemom

Online Name: Cirquemom Real Name: Wendy Reiswig Bailey How can people Contact you: cirquemom AT mcn DOT org Website: www.resin-life.com Any other ways to get a hold of you or see your work: Resin Life: Snapshots of Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls, … Continue reading

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