Customizer Spotlite: Iza

Your name: Iza
Your Legal Name: Elisabeth Suelli
Your Website:

How did you get involved in Super Dollfies and customizing them?
A friend of mine who was my downstairs neighbor at my college dorms was a BJD collector and face up artist. She was the one who got me into the hobby and then showed me how to do face ups as well. After almost 2 years, my first face up is still in tact and one of my favorites.

What do you do best?
It’s hard to say what I do best, but I love doing eyebrows and it shows. I’m by no means perfect at them, and I’m still figuring out better ways of doing them, but I’m really satisfied with how I do them currently.

What Inspires You?
Colors inspire me. I’ve accumulated 104 different colors and shades of pastels and I look for any excuse I can to use them! I love looking at other face ups to see how I should improve and it makes me work harder on them.

What do you want people to think when they look at your Customizations?
With my face ups I want people to think that they are high quality. I pour my soul into each one and I hope it shows.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?
In the next 5 years I want to get to 200 completed face ups (I always keep track of the sculpts and number of face ups I’ve worked on) and I want to get on par in skill with the amazing face up artists in this hobby.

What sorts of things do you enjoy the most about your designs/customizations?
As I mentioned before, I definitely enjoy doing eyebrows. I put down the base for them first before I do anything else on a face up. I also love doing fantasy face ups. It’s very fun for me to go nuts with designs on a face.

Other than yourself, who are your favorite doll customizers?
I don’t have specific people I follow their work of, but some great customizers are Star Sniper, Kiki.Chan78 (my teacher), and another friend named Allison Strom who currently does not offer commissions but is an amazing face up artist and illustrator.

What’s the Best thing about customizing your own dolls?
The best thing to me about customizing my own dolls is that they look exactly how I envision them. It also helps me bond better with them. Most of my dolls are character based so they have a specific look I want for them.

What’s the most difficult thing about doing customizations (your mods, face-ups, tats, etc) and altering them?
The most difficult thing to me is when I’ve fully finished a face up (with gloss and eyelashes) and then I’m asked to change something. To prevent that I usually show in progress shots of the work to catch any mistakes early on. I just don’t like removing and replacing eyelashes. Some dolls are okay to put eyelashes on, others seem to fight me tooth and nail on it.

What type of dolls do you enjoy customizing (male/female/brands)?
I really enjoy working on female dolls, but I don’t mind working on male ones though. I don’t have a favorite brand to work on, but I love working on Fairyland and Dollzone.

What is your favorite style to create?
Swirls! I love doing fantasy scrollwork on face ups. I used to do swirls on my own make up coming from my eyes. That’s probably why I love doing them on doll faces too.

Who would you love to collaborate with?
One day I’d love to collaborate with my friend Allison because her work is amazing. She pours a lot of love and effort into each one of her face ups. Frequently we will do face ups together and share materials. I’m always blown away by her use of color.

Why choose doll customizing as a form of Self Expression?
I’m an artist by trade, so when I got into the hobby in May 2011 it felt only natural to start painting them. That’s the beauty of dolls in my opinion, they are like little blank canvases that I can bring to life with my art.

How long does it take from start to finish on a typical doll to create and complete?
It really depends on the type of face up. On average a natural face up takes roughly an hour to do, while a more complex fantastical one can take anywhere between two and five hours. I’ve gotten very efficient at painting dolls, because I love it so much.

How do you like to work best with a custom order for a client? With total freedom to create your vision, or do you like some feedback/interchange with a client who might have an idea or theme they would like to see realized?
Personally I prefer it when I’m given some sort of guidance so that I can get an idea what the client wants. Customer satisfaction is very important to me. With my own dolls I do whatever I want, but with someone else’s doll it’s very important to me to bring their vision to life. That’s why I encourage feedback during my process so that the client knows they are important to the process and have a big say in it.

What have been your favorite projects you’ve done thus far?
My favorite? That’s a tough one! Well, one of my favorites actually isn’t face up related much, but I designed, sculpted, molded, and cast my own resin demon wings. They are about YoSD to MSD sized, and I painted a pair of them as well. They’re on my Fairyland LTF Chiwoo Elf girl, who I painted myself as well. I loved working on her. She gave me trouble with the first face up I did on her and had to wipe it. That’s okay though, I love her current look!

What sets your doll customizations apart from all the others?
The thing that sets my work apart from other face up artists is the variety that I can do. I don’t just do natural, or just fantasy. I do them all, and I’m always up for a new challenge. For example I’d never done facial hair before, and once I did I got two more clients that commissioned me because I was able to do facial hair well.

Are there any sort of projects you’ve been hoping to work on but just haven’t gotten around to it?
Yes, one of my dolls, my Dragondoll Cheng, needs a lot of body work. He’s meant to be a scarred dragon warrior so I need to finish his body blush and scar work. With how many commissions I’ve had and other distractions such as college and work, he’s been on the backburner. At least he got his face up and I can keep his body covered with clothes.

What was the most challenging thing you have ever done thus far?
This is again a tough one. The most challenging thing I’ve had to do was paint body hair onto a dolls chest, navel, groin, and arms. I’d never done a body hair blush before so it took me a long time to get it done, but I think it turned out really nice.

Part II of Iza’s interview will be posted up soon. <3

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Costume Designer Spotlite: Tara (or Kawaii Experience) Part II

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When you were a child did you ever work on dolls or create with similar things? If so, what were they?
Hmm no, I started to create on my dolls when I had BJD.

Do you have any other interests that might have helped you in your development of customizing ABJD (like customizing other dolls, action figures, etc)? Please tell us about them.
I loved to made cosplay, but it’s very expensive and I hate wear it (I love sew it, but not wear it), and I didn´t like the world of cosplay contest, but thanks to that I know how sew. Anyway,I like go to the manga conventions to see the cosplays and the work of other people.

Do you have any other interests? Collections?

Hmm not really, I am reading some manga collections and I buy a manga twice on a year maybe… Before BJD I used to buy lots of manga figures but not anymore. I love reading, playing videogames and seeing youtube gameplay channels.

Tell us about your own dolls. Do you have any? If so how many and which ones? Has your collection impacted your fashion business and if so in what way?
Yeah! I have my own dolls, in my house now there are 8 dolls and I am not waiting anymore by now. They are Istvan (a Unoa lusis sleeping male modded), Astharoth (a Unoa lusis akubi male), Jezabel (a Lami of Soom), Sehara (a Juri 2010), Mirka (a Chloe minifee), Saree (a Unoa lusis male) and Mihael (a Daniel of Iplehouse)
Yes, my fashion business have impacted in my doll collection, people are surprised to see that my dolls rarely wears clothes made by me, that’s because I have very little free time for my own dolls.

Why choose clothing design as a form of Self Expression?
I started drawing manga and in the manga is needed a character design, I spent too many hours doing that, it was the funny part for me: the design the outfits and clothes.
My grandmother taught me all of sewing to make cosplay, I only had to apply the character design I liked to do and the knowing of my grandmother to start creating my own designs.

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How long does it take from start to finish on a typical outfit to create and complete?
It depends. There are outfits I can make in two days of work, and outfits I can spend two months or more… there is not a “typical outfit” for me because each one is totally different from the previous. Also depends on the time that I spend to go to buy the fabrics or how much inspired I am when it’s time to work.

How do you like to work best with a custom order for a client? With total freedom to create your vision, or do you like some feedback/interchange with a client who might have an idea or theme they would like to see realized?
The phrase that scares me in a customer is “I do not know, I leave to your choice”. AH NO! Give me guidelines, give me guidance, give me orders! It frightens me deeply that the client let me freedom, there is so much variety of fabrics, trims, colors … I know what I use if the outfit was for me, but the fact is that the outfit is not for me, it´s for the customer! I like that customer gives to me a photo of they want, and I make a search of materials and I usually tell them a few recommendations. But always starting from a photo or a idea.

Are there fashions or styles you would like to make, but haven’t? Why haven’t you?
Yes, I would like to do urban clothing, jeans are a mistery for me! And also I would like to know how to sew a full suit, I love them, but they are very difficult I never had to try them because I have not really time to experiment! I always have orders or projects in mind and do not usually have free time for testing.

How important are fashion trends to you (i.e. what is going on in real life/human wear) and to your doll clothing? Do other doll seamstresses or fashion trends on the board (or even on other boards, etc) influence you at all?
I do not look at the fashion trends in human clothings. But it is true that I have to adapt to fashion trends, which is also influence from the shops which sell fabrics. And about other seamstresses, yes, they really influence me. My best friend Seguchi also sews in a amateur mode and I have being influenced by her simple lines designs and few decorations.

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Do you take on commissions? If so have you ever turned down any? Are there certain commissions you like or dislike?
Yes, most of my store is based on commissions. Yes, sometimes I refused a commission if I do not think I could deal with it, I never liked to make illusions in vain, it is not a dishonor not know do something ^ ^. I like to take commissions, in the stock items maybe they will be exactly that the customer want sor maybe not, but the commission is exactly that the customer wants, there is no doubts ^^

Tell us about your family. What do they think about your dolls and your business?
In the beginning my mother didn´t like the dolls because they are expensive and I had so many. But now I have a reasonable number of dolls and she is happy with them. The rest of my family is not so happy with the dolls, but still my grandmother sometimes helps me to do something when I have lots of work. Luckily my mother thinks that I have to do what I like to do and she enjoys every little step I’m taking as much as me.

How important is customer feedback? Have you had a lot of customer feedback in the past? Do you want more? If so, how would someone contact you?
I like customers to leave me feedback, they are reviews of my work and other customers can go there to consult and take a look at my work. In my case, I have feedback on ebay, etsy, forum, Materiel Celeste forum, and of course the forum Den of Angels. People can contact me at any of the three forums mentioned above, on etsy or on my flickr I’ll be happy to talk with anyone who wants to write me!

What are your newest projects (example new sizes, styles or lines) that you are working on?
I want try made some romantic and pure outfits, in beige and white colour and I would like make better corsets. I was preparing a lot of stock for Expomanga in Madrid, but finally I can´t go T__T, so I have a large months before the next manga convention to make only custom orders ^^

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Are you working on anything that isn’t doll related that you want to share that you think would interest the readers (off topic, however, you think they would be interested in it, like human clothing line, an art show of your work, etc)?
No, now I’m not doing anything out of this.

Over the years you’ve seen a lot of changes, both good and bad. What do you think have been the best and worst changes in the doll community?
I do not write much, but I participate reading a lot and I enjoy the galleries and tutorials.
I think the best of this comnunity is to share your hobby with other people, see their dolls no matter where they come from. What is worse? Nowadays people are living the hobby in private more every day, leaving the forums. Fewer and fewer people are participating in the forums, due to small fights between users, always caused by misunderstandings. It really makes me very sad.

Are there projects that you wish you had more time to work on?
Not really, I have the great fortune of having a really friendly customers. When I really need it, I tell them that I’m going to take the more time to finish the work successfully, so luckily I have never a delivery date.

Closing Comments (anything you’d like to tell us about you or about your business in general)?
Thank you very much for thinking of me for this interview, it’s a great opportunity.
Thanks also to all who have helped me to write it and all customers who have provided their photographs with their dolls so I can show my work.
And those who wish to write me, do not hesitate to do so! I will be happy!

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Thank you, Kawaii Experience, for the interview. Appreciate it!

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Costume Designer Spotlite: Tara (or Kawaii Experience)

Your legal full name: Inés Sánchez-Camacho Sánchez
Your “artist name”: Tara or Kawaii Experience
Your Website:

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How did you get involved in Asian Ball Jointed Doll clothing Designs?
I always loved making outfits, my grandmother in all her life made a beautifull dresses for my family and I have inherited from her the desire to sew. I started being a cosplayer, in Spain I won a few contest in manga conventions of my city, and when I got my first BJD I started to make the clothes by myself. In the beginning they were really awful! But I did my best and here I am! Some people told me to open a little store in a spanish forum, and four years have passed since that ^^

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Describe your line and what styles (items) you create?
I work 90% in orders, people tell me what they want and I sew it for them, I only need to know the measurements of their doll. I love making outfits by order, they are a challenge for me! People order outfits really varied: cosplay, fantasy outfits and dresses designed by them too!
In stock I usually do steampunk outfits, I love to seam this clothes, this is my chance to be creative. I do some jewelry too, customers request a lot rings for BJD. They are made with lovely jewelry stones and as the rings are adjustable, they can fit all sizes, that’s why they are the perfect accesory!

What do you think people know you best for (like a certain style or size or certain look)?
By customer request, I have specialised in Minifee girl size. Also I sew too much for EID girl and boy and Yo-SD of Soom and Fairyland.

I think people knows that I’m good at steampunk style, cosplay and outfits with many ornaments or to be luxurious. Also I think they like my working method: I always make pictures of the fabrics before buy and I show the whole process, so if they want to change something I give them the chance before it’s finished..

What Inspires You?
Everything! I love searching on flickr because I specially love to see what others BJD artist are doing! That always inspires me because I think “God, I want to be like her, I want to be as good as she is!”
Also usually look historical dresses, I’m in several groups of steampunk design for people and I like to see where they get their ideas from, refine them and adapt that ideas to my designs.
Videogames also inspire me so much, I am a great fan of Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry, Bioshock, Dishonored and also music like Rammstein!

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What do you want people to think when they look at your Designs?
I love to think customers choose my work to complete their dreamed doll. When finally they see the outfit on their doll, I want them to feel like: “Yes, my doll now really is as I wished.” I would like to help them to have the doll as they really want, with the clothing they always imagined for their character. In one word: perfect.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?
Hmmm I really lwould like to keep doing this, my sewing store is my life. I am starting to go to some manga conventions with Aikoneko, our Leeke dealer ^^ And I would like that this experience takes me to have my own stand at the conventions of manga or BJD in Spain or in L-Doll too and start to sell face to face with my customers.

What sorts of things do you enjoy the most about your designs?
I love make corsets! If I can, I really like to include one in all my outfits. I also love working with jewelry like crowns, rings, chain belts or necklaces, I think that this little details make the difference ^^

What are your other favorite clothing brands/designers for dolls?
I have a lot of them! Dollheart, Souldoll and Soom are my favourite brands, and designers… Amy Lilley, HarajukuDoll, Lelahel and Animemadness. Here in Spain we have a lot of good tailors, I really like the work of Munsault, Rosalen or Kikabilart for example.

What’s the Best thing about designing and selling doll fashions?
Best thing about being a seamstress and sell my own designs will always be the illusion of their owners. That moment in which they write to me to say that the dress has arrived and when they show me their dolls … Really fills my soul and I feel really honored and proud. The few times I’ve been able to sell face to face in a convention, was even more rewarding because they fell in love with your work without thinking about anything else.
For custom made orders, I like to think the illusion of my customers to see their dream come true, that perfect outfit designed exclusively for their doll, there is nothing better.

What’s the most difficult thing about designing and selling fashions?
Sometimes the hardest thing is to enter the mind of your customer, know what he wants, but he does not know how to express what he want. Try to speak and explain to the other person without using technical vocabulary is also very difficult. Personally one of the more difficult things for me is have a good table of measures. Many people don’t know how to measure their doll and refers me to the website of the brand, but sometimes the dresses need much more specific and accurate measurements.
In the case of stock, it is difficult to know where the market is going to move. Not long ago kimonos were very appreciated, but not now, and who knows if after all this time the steampunk style is also going to stop being popular.

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What type of dolls do you enjoy designing for the most (male/female/brands)?
I really love sew to Minifee girl and Fairyland girls or large bust girls.

What is your favorite style to create?
Steampunk, I love the fabric that allows freedom to create, to use old and new, combining patterns, different cuts of clothing, pieces …. I really like the blue peacock and peacock feathers, thanks to steampunk I´m creating lots of things with this type of style and I really love it!

Is there a color palate or patterns that you tend to stick with? Stay away from?
When I do custom things, I stick to what the client asks me, always trying to get elected patterns and the fabrics the closest to the final idea. But when I sew stock I have all the freedom I want, always choose a specific pattern that looks good and that I love to sew, here in Spain we call “patron de costadillos”.
As for colors I always like to sew in blue, black or white. I hate red, green and yellow.

Who would you love to collaborate with? Is there a mold, doll, or company that you prefer to work on?

I made a collaboration with StKawaii, a couple of manga drawers from Spain. I made a limited outfit to celebrate the beginning of their manga “The Soul Chaser” in Spain. But in a few years it could be great to sew for a famous brand! I would love to sew for Fairyland, it’s definitely my favorite brand and I will love to sew for Soom for any of their The Gem Dolls or one of their Rosette Doll. Also I would love to sew for Doll Chateau, I think their dolls are rare and amazing and inspire me too, that’s why my mind is planning too many outfits to make for them !

What is your background? Have you had any special schooling (art school, fashion design, sculpture, painting, fashion, etc)?
I’ve had artistic training but always in the field of drawing, I wanted to work drawing manga, but I don´t have the talent, so I learned engraving and design. And later I also did a course about styling of clothing, but did not teach me anything really useful. All I know was learnt from my grandmother and lots of practice.

Who are some of your favorite human designers?
I’m not aware of design to people, I never really interested in fashion, but I like the style of Vivienne Westwood.

Are there types of fabric that you hate or try to avoid? If so which ones?
Oh yes, I hate really some types of fabric like velvet and chiffon! It’s very funny, because my best friend love these fabrics.

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What fabrics do you love to use? Accessories?
I love sew leatherette, I like how fits on the style of my designs, I also use satin, cotton fabrics and brocaded fabrics. A great part of my designs usually wear some jewelry, I made that jewelry with svarovski tupis, I love make crowns and necklaces with them.

What outfit do you think was your best and worst? Why?
I do not think there are outfits better or worse than others, some of them just had more practice than others, we all have an evolution. My first jobs were horrible in my opinion! And now I’m very happy with my recent work, but I have a long way to go! In a few years I will see the job done now and I will not like it, sure.

Second part of this interview, coming soon!

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FreakStyle BJD Super Dollfie Drazen Blank Head by FreakStyleBJD

FreakStyle BJD Super Dollfie Drazen Blank Head by FreakStyleBJD.

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Fairyland : New Little Fees

‘LittleFee Baby’에 해당되는 글 3건

2013/07/17 LittleFee Baby Body Pose

2013/07/15 LittleFee Baby – Coming Soon ~ !!!

2013/07/11 2013.07.19 – New Lineup Teaser

LittleFee Baby Body Pose

via Fairyland ::.

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Upcoming Event: *IMPLDOLL*Summer Free doll/ head Event Coming Soon.

*IMPLDOLL*Summer Free doll/ head Event Coming Soon.

Hi customer

We are happy to let you know our summer event is coming.^^

Free head and Free doll for not miss this chance~

our new free doll Austin

via Upcoming Event: *IMPLDOLL*Summer Free doll/ head Event Coming Soon..

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ReRelease: [Global Tranz] Lens vol.2 and Dog

[Global Tranz] Lens vol.2 and Dog

Many people asked us for Lens, but Telse thought something was wrong. =/

And finally he realized, what, and corrected it.

So we will cast Lens again. Enjoy!

And we remind you some heads of Dog are still in stock, don’t miss it!

Thank you!

via ReRelease: [Global Tranz] Lens vol.2 and Dog.

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Sales Promotion: Mirodoll 40% discount Summer Pomotion extend to July 18

Sales Promotion: Mirodoll 40% discount Summer Pomotion extend to July 18.

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Customizer Spotlite: JazzremiX Part II

How important is customer feedback to your creative process?
It’s important to have a feedback on the end result, but creative process is something personal, I don’t think any feedback on how you work is necessary or appropriate.

jazzremiX photo interview03_zps19458831.jpg

Is there a mold, doll, or company that you prefer to work on?
Soom is nice to work on, so is Iplehouse. They have beautiful sculpts and they are very symmetrical which makes the work a lot easier. Volks is probably the best in terms of resin though. It’s very smooth, easy to clean, easy to paint.

Do you prefer working on male or female dolls? Why?
Male. I love long eyebrows and it usually looks quite masculine in female sculpts. I also find that female sculpts are not as good looking as male ones.

What is your background? Have you had any special schooling (art school, sculpture, painting, etc)?
I studied 3 years at an art school (13-16). Later on I went to university and studied animation with arts.

When you were a child did you ever work on dolls or create with similar things?
I had many dolls, mostly Barbies, the only thing I did was chop their hair shorter and shorter until they were almost bald.

jazzremiX photo interview01_zpscdcd4504.jpg

Do you have any other interests that might have helped you in your development of customizing ABJD (like customizing other dolls, action figures, etc)? Please tell us about them.
Cosplay and make-up probably helped.

Do you have any other interests? Collections?
I’m a collector. I have a large collection of CD and vinyl, DVD, manga, art books, books in general, wigs, action figures, fridge magnets and shot glasses from places I’ve been, and kimonos. I also am interested in photography and filmmaking. I suppose I have interest in many things.

What factors do you consider before giving a doll its make-up so it will have the expression you want?
Their prsonality, character and how they fit in their universe (in case of my own dolls).

Are there any painting techniques that can make a face look more masculine or feminine?
Men tend to have longer and heavier eyebrows, they also have more expression marks, so the blushing would emphasise that. Women have thinner/trimmed brows and their foreheads are not to forward so the shadow above the eyes would only reflect a sort of make up look, colourful. They also have more pink blushing on the cheeks and less expression marks around the eyes and nose.

jazzremiX photo interview04_zpsa39e5775.jpg

How long does it usually take to do a face-up (or custom alteration job)?
About 16 hours depending on the weather.

Can you offer any helpful hints to the amateur face-up artists? Can you recommend a list of supplies including colors, paints & pastels etc?
The only hints I can give is to look at many faceup artists and pay attention to the details. Also, know your resin and be careful with low quality materials.
Brushes – all sorts and sizes, try to go from mid to good quality,
Watercolour pencils – you don’t need a whole box, so buy very good quality light brown, darker brown, black, grey and white.
Pastels – go for pan pastels, they are expensive but again you only need a few tones. Buying a huge box of cheap pastels is a waste of money. You will only use red and pink tones, sand tones and smoke tones in the end. If you want some colour variety then ger a stick of the tones you want. For pastels quality is essential.
Gloves, towels, magic eraser, eraser, dusk mask, gloss and sealer.

Do you have a favorite medium you like to work with when not creating for BJDs in your spare time?
Graphite pencils. I don’t like colouring traditionally, funnily enough, but for abstract art I use thick acrylics.

How long have you been doing face-ups/customizing BJDs?
Since 2008.

What is your biggest inspiration for your face-ups and customizations?
Visual Kei and harajuku make up.

jazzremiX photo interview07_zps81b9113c.jpg

Do you have any tips you’d like to share for people that want to learn how to do what you do or just want to improve? Something that’s helped you a lot or something that you think is important to know when doing a successful customization/face-up?
Don’t settle on the ‘ok’ and challenge yourself. Don’t jump into acrylics, go for watercolour pain first, you can clean any mistakes easily. That goes for people trying airbrushes too.
Another tip is to put a paper towel inside the head while you paint, cos it can get nasty inside if you don’t. Wear gloves… hands sweat, get greasy… you might ruin your work.

Closing Comments (anything you’d like to tell us)?
I think it’s important to remember that, like with clothes and accessories, not everyone wants to paint their dolls and that’s also okay. Not wanting to customise your doll for one reason or another doesn’t mean you are not enjoying the hobby like other people. That said, it’s always fun to try ^_^.

Thanks for sharing, JazzremiX! I appreciate it!

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Customizer Spotlite: JazzremiX

 photo darkelfspotlitebn-1.jpg

Your name: jazzremiX
Your Legal Name: Maui Comite (please, do not reference this name. If you would like to use a personal name rather than my shop’s use Saaya.)
Your Website:

How did you get involved in Super Dollfies and customizing them?
A friend showed them to me online and I fell in love with them. Customizing came to me first as a necessity. My 2nd doll was a Dollshe Saint and he arrived with a faceup I did not like. At the time I had so much trouble getting him I didn’t want to let him go to an artist, so I decided to do it myself.

What do you do best?
From everything I do, definitely face-ups and narrowing it down, eyebrows.

What Inspires You?
Visual Kei is my biggest inspiration.

What do you want people to think when they look at your Customizations?

That the dolls have personality that reflect their characters.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?

I want to be doing drastic modifications, and hopefully, creating my own dolls.

What sorts of things do you enjoy the most about your designs/customizations?

When it’s all finished and I put the head on a body, and they look just like I wanted them to.

jazzremiX photo interview09_zps0882fd8e.jpg

Other than yourself, who are your favorite doll customizers?
My favourite and the one who inspires me the most is SDink. Her dolls are so alive, her work is impeccable and detailed. I love everything about it. Besides, she is a big Dollshe fan, which is also my favourite maker.

What’s the Best thing about customizing your own dolls?
Being able to get their personality just right. I love when my new dolls arrive and I see it as a blank canvas just waiting to be worked on.

What’s the most difficult thing about doing customizations (your mods, face-ups, tats, etc) and altering them?
I don’t do permanent mods anymore because I feel very uneasy, so the hardest are tattoos. It’s hard to get as many details as I want in them.

What type of dolls do you enjoy customizing (male/female/brands)?
I love both genders for different reasons. Girls can be colourful and gentle, whilst boys can have heavy brows and expression marks. My favourite brand is Soom and Volks.

What is your favorite style to create?

Heavy eye shadows and piercings. I think it’s influenced by Visual Kei.

Who would you love to collaborate with?
I’d love to collaborate with a modder. Someone who does drastic changes to the dolls. I think that would be very interesting.

Why choose doll customizing as a form of Self Expression?
I love art in general and I like human make up. I think it’s a very relaxing and enjoyable way of spending time.

How long does it take from start to finish on a typical doll to create and complete?
I live in a very humid part of Japan so unfortunately the weather plays a great part in the process. I like working with more than one doll at the time for face-ups, in this way I can work on one while the other dries. I would say on average, 2 days, or 16 hours for one head. Tattoos and body blushing can take a lot longer. A fully customized SD doll would take around 35 hours, from planning to complete work.

How do you like to work best with a custom order for a client? With total freedom to create your vision, or do you like some feedback/interchange with a client who might have an idea or theme they would like to see realized?
I like my clients to give me as much information as possible on what they want. It’s a lot easier to work that way. I also like when they talk about the characters they have in mind, I think to me is very important to know WHO I’m painting. I do have monthly slots for those who want a faceup but have no idea what, in which case I can play with my imagination.

What have been your favorite projects you’ve done thus far?
My favourite project so far was a fully customized Souldoll Star. She was completely painted with freckles all over her body. I loved the result. I eventually sold her and I was happy that the buyer loved the work.

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What sets your doll customizations apart from all the others?
That’s a difficult question! … What I have heard from people is that I do manly faceups without it being bland and without it being gothic. I guess I have a clean style but still somehow sophisticated.

Are there any sort of projects you’ve been hoping to work on but just haven’t gotten around to it?
I’m actually modding a head right now but it’s going slowly. I’m changing nose and eyes. I also plan to start my own sculpt. Probably at some point this year.

What was the most challenging thing you have ever done thus far?
A tattoo I did on one of my boys. It takes half his torso and there is a joint that goes over it. I had to make it so no matter how his body stands the tattoo would look natural and not deformed. It wasn’t easy.

How has your style evolved over time, and where do you see it going in the future?
Apart from quality, it hasn’t change much until recently. I’ve been painting since 2008 and only now I’ve moved to airbrushing. Before it was hard to say I had a style, but now it is evolving quite fast into something more unique. I hope to have a noticeable style and that my clients come to me because of that. Also, I want to continue to improve, always.

Describe your perfect client. Do you like to get a lot of direction, or just be given a general mood, or do you like to see visual examples?
I like visual examples and a lot of details, but people are different and they have different ways of expressing what they want. I try to be the perfect customiser for them rather than the other way around.

Of all the face-ups/customizations you’ve done, do any stand out to you in particular? Howso?
I will go with the Souldoll Star again. She looked very unique and beautiful. I love when a sculpt suddenly looks completely different from others just because of how it had been worked on.

Do you paint/alter other types of dolls, and if so, how does that compare with working on BJDs? If you do other types of art (drawing, painting, etc) does that influence your faceup style?
It’s impossible not to be influenced by my own art, but to be honest, painting BJDs taught me a lot about digital art and I believe the influence went both ways.

Have you ever refused a commission? Why? Or if not, can you think of a circumstance where you might?
I have refused to paint a recast once and will continue to do so because they are illegal and detrimental to the hobby. I would also refuse any commissions that go against my morals and principles. That is, any tattoos glorifying homophobia and racism.

Is there something that is still difficult for you to do? What is the most difficult?
Many things. Painting Tan skin dolls is always troublesome but the hardest thing I find is to get details in tattoos. I really want to paint a whole sleeve and chest but I want it to be perfect and I still haven’t gotten there.

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Interview will continue soon!

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