Dollshe FAQ

[Working in progress to update…some links might be dead on here. Updating 5/2/2013 and will continue to update in the next few weeks. It’s a ton of work, so please be patient.]

This will be a FAQ that covers all information available on all Dollshe Craft dolls including:

Dollshe Bermann
Dollshe Orijean
Dollshe Hound
Dollshe Husky
Dollshe Saint
Dollshe Bernard
Dollshe Van
Dollshe April Agaci
Dollshe Dodosha
Dollshe Mong
Dollshe Moon
Dollshe Salubia
Dollshe Afhan
Dollshe Afghana
Dollshe Afgha
Dollshe Mai
Dollshe Ru
Dollshe Moon

Some of these links are off of the board Den of Angels, collected over the years.  I plan on updating them with newer shots possibly as time and others permit.  If someone would like to replace comparison shots, like the difference between a version 1 and version 2 hound body or a how to, or any of the links, I can host the pictures.

This FAQ has a heavy amount of the older dolls, since those are not around anymore.

Also if you have any suggestions or additions to this FAQ, please let me know.  I am always interested in adding information.

Buying Threads:

This is where you go to find where to buy the dolls, clothing, shoes, and who you can go to get commissions made for them.

Comparison & Gallery Threads:

Dollshe Comparisons
Dollshe Head/body swap
Wig Comparison Threads for Boys
Dollshe urethane eyes – New and Old
Eye Comparison Threads for Boys
Resin Comparisons
Husky and Hound comparison pictures
Afghan, Afgha, Afghana owner pictures
Van owner pictures
Saint owner Pictures
Bernard owner pictures
Salubia owner pictures
Dollshe Tiny Girls (Moon, Mai, Ru) Owner Pictures
Information on Dollshe Ru with comparison shots
Ru owner pictures
Hound owner pictures
Dollshe Boys and Companions
Dollshe Husky/SA Husky (with Hound)
Hound v1 verses Hound v2
Dollshe in comparison to larger and smaller dolls (massive 42 SD sized comparison thread)
Saint verses Bernard


ALL LINKS BELOW NEED UPDATES…not linking currently

Dollshe Afghan promo shots
Dollshe Afga promo shots
Dollshe April Agaci promo shots
Dollshe Bermann promo shots
Dollshe Bernard promo shots
Dollshe SA Bernard promo shots
Dollshe Dodosha promo shots
Dollshe Hound promo shots
Dollshe IM Hound promo shots
Dollshe SA Hound promo shots
Dollshe Husky promo shots
Dollshe SA Husky promo shots
Dollshe Mai promo shots
Dollshe Moon
Dollshe Mong promo shots
Dollshe Orijean and new Body Release 2009 [NEW]
Dollshe Ru promo shots
Dollshe Salubia promo shots
Dollshe Saint promo shots
Dollshe SA Saint promo shots
Dollshe Van


ALL LINKS BELOW NEED UPDATES…not linking currently

Tensiya Bermann Heimdal Promo Shots
Tensiya Bermann Hu Die Meng Promo Shots
Tensiya Bermann Hwarang Yooshin Promo Shots
Tensiya Bermann Le’etranger Promo Shots
Tensiya Bermann Manu Promo Shots
Tensiya Bermann Mr. Fogg Promo Shots
Tensiya Bermann Shinsengumi Kurogatu Promo Shots
Tensiya Bermann Valentino Promo Shots
Tensiya Hound Promo Shots

Customizing Threads:
Using Armature to Fix the Popping Belly Issue
Fixing the Dollshe Popping Belly
Wiring Dollshe Body
Face Plate Adjustments
Restringing Dollshe Dolls
Hot Glue: Fast, Easy and Cheap Solution for Sueding

History of the Dolls:


Bermann FAQ
Tan Information on Dollshe by Iplehouse
Links for Dollshe specific Blogs, Groups and Sites

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