Cerisedolls Ombre Preorder

Lillycat’s website to get info on this, and her other releases is over here.

Here is my last doll “Ombre”, she is a dreaming elfy creature.
She is msd size and has the same body than my other msd girls Eugenie and Constantine.
The sale of the Ombre and Constantine models, opened last Saturday, was quite a succes that, to be really honest, I wasn’t totally expecting.
The whole stock – except a few copies dedicated to direct sale during the Paris Fashion Doll Festival coming in March – has been sold out in less than one day ! (Thank you very much to my customers for this enthusiastic reception)
Since then, I’ve received numerous messages from collectors disappointed of arriving too late, or for being warned of the sale after it’s closing.

That’s why I’ve decided to extend this sale by starting a pre-order session without delay for the Ombre and Constantine models.
From now on and until February the 23rd, you can order your doll and all desired options in the Shop section of the website (earlier closing is possible if the amount of orders is too important).

A possibility of 2-time layaway is offered, for a delivery planed by May 2012. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any question.

Besides, be informed that this prolongation does not change the schedule for the next sales.

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